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Everything I do is related to changing the way we work.


Whether that is as an individual - wanting to live our best life, healthy, happy and doing work we love, or as an organisation - creating positive, productive teams with leaders who care about what they do everyday. 

About Della 

Della Coach Mentor Leader

I am a business coach with a passion for making sure that people are living their best lives. Too often we choose jobs over health or careers over our families. I know - I did. 

As an ICF Associate Certified executive coach with over 25 years of senior leadership experience, I use a variety of different tools and techniques to help all my clients work out their own path to planning their own new future. 

Having a coach who is outside of your own organisation, outside of your family, outside of your friendship circle, can give you an unbiased space to share issues, talk through worries and make plans for what to do next. 

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