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About Me

I am a business coach and consultant with a passion for making sure that people are living their best lives and businesses are successful whilst having the human touch.

Too often we choose jobs over health or careers over our families. I know - I did. We can be successful in business and have a good life too! I work with business owners and senior professionals to navigate the changing world of work.


My career coaching book ‘Get the job you really want in a post-pandemic world’ has helped people to go on a journey of self-reflection as they dig deep into what they REALLY want to be doing right now.


The World Of Work

I have over 25 years of senior corporate leadership experience, implementing real cultural change, managing large change projects, creating people management leadership programs, and mentoring aspiring directors as they strive for promotion, at organisations such as Deloitte, KPMG, Elsevier, Invensys and British Gas.


My bespoke coaching and training programs help teams and individuals to be their best selves, which is ultimately good for business.


Through working with individuals and teams I have:

- Reduced sickness

- Improved productivity

- Increased engagement

- Improved company culture

- Improved confidence

- Increased staff retention

- Created higher-performing teams

Della Judd Background

Life At Home

I am a mum of two teenagers and have first-hand experience of long-term health issues, redundancy, returning to work after maternity leave, imposter syndrome, work place stress and burn-out. So whatever you are struggling with I can relate! 

I have 2 teenage children, have suffered from burnout, been made redundant twice, have managed teams both from smaller start-ups to large international, have managed large scale redundancy programs, dealt with many staff challenges, hired hundreds of people, reviewed thousands of CVs, helped people to get the job they REALLY want.

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Della Judd Gratitude Book


As well as my Career Coaching book, 'Get the job you really a post-pandemic world', I have written supportive journals. I discovered journals 5 years ago when my health was at rock bottom, and my career coach suggested gratitude journaling. Later my children, made me a personalised journal which inspired me to create 'Gratitude' and later, 'Courage'

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