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About Della

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I am a business coach and consultant with a passion for making sure that people are living their best lives and businesses are successful whilst having the human touch. .


Too often we choose jobs over health or careers over our families. I know - I did. We can be successful in business and have a good life too! 

I have over 25 years of senior corporate leadership experience, implementing real cultural change, managing large change projects, creating people management leadership programs and mentoring aspiring directors as they strive for promotion, at organisations such as Deloitte, KPMG, Elsevier, Invensys and British Gas.

I set up my own business 3 years ago and am an ICF accredited coach.

I have 2 teenage children, have suffered from burnout, been made redundant twice, have managed teams both from small start up to large international, have managed large scale redundancy programs, dealt with many staff challenges, hired hundreds of people, reviewed thousands of CV’s, helped people to get the job the REALLY want, changed the way I work personally so I have a better work / life balance.


My new business book, 'Get the Job you Really a post pandemic world' is out in May 2022. 

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