Building Resilience

Many of us are suffering with anxiety and stress at the moment. A sense that the pandemic is never going away and the things we love to do and the people we love to see are not available to us right now. 

For some we have lost our usual routines, for some our jobs and purpose. For others, we have found solace in comfort food and alcohol which feels nice at the time, but can leave us feeling worse afterwards. 

How can we make sure that we look after ourselves, build up our sense of resilience for when the next bad day looms on the horizon. 

Coaching for resilience can give you time to reflect on those routines that you may have let go over the lockdown period. If you are always thinking the worse, or planning for the worst then this programme can help you to focus more on the positives and retrain some of our habits that may have gone missing during lockdown. 

Free Guide 

Chances are that you dropped everything when we went in to lockdown.


The morning routine, the lunch time walk and the home time snooze on the train.


Now is the time to rethink our morning, lunch and evening transitions between home and work, and get some time back for YOU!

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