Sometimes we just don't have the head space to think, so we end up repeating the same routines and behaviours. Having a coach can create that space for you, in a confidential and distinct environment - away from the politics and pressures of the day job.

Do you need help in a specific area?

Or do you know you need to do something but you're just not sure what!


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Return to work

Stepping Up

Work Life Harmony 

How will I balance work with parenthood? How will I get promoted when I am in the office less?

Take some time for you to think about your approach. 

If you are about to go for promotion, or for those of you who are newly promoted. Focus on how you will make an impact.

Life can be hard, with so much going on. Take some time out for you to get clarity on how you can get more harmony in your life. 


Do you struggle to get your point across? Do you get nervous in interviews? Focus on building your own inner confidence to achieve your goals. 

Interview Practise

Has it been years since your last interview? 

Do you wish you could get some practise in a safe environment? A one to one session focussed on your interview approach.

Coping with Redundancy

Are you now looking to find out what you do next? Under pressure to make choices but not sure where your passions lie? Lost your mojo? Feeling deflated after losing your identify? 

Focus on finding your new role or purpose and regain your confidence. 


'I can't tell you how much I appreciate being able to talk to some one objectively' 

Return to work mum

"The perfect balance between support and challenge. I always felt I could discuss anything and you would be supportive but would also ask the tough questions that really made me think."

Director, Professional Services