Confidence & Assertiveness

Many of my coaching clients and many of the leaders I have ever worked with struggle with confidence and asserting themselves in the workplace. I have struggled myself. 

Whether we find ourselves conforming to our line manager’s behaviours, or accepting more work than we can truly handle it can be debilitating when we feel like we can’t speak up.  


This program helps anyone suffering from a lack of confidence and who wants to be able to assert themselves without being bolshie or aggressive! 

If you would like some help, I run 1-2-1 sessions or blocks of time over a longer period to help you gain the confidence in whichever aspect of your life you need support with.



Do you find yourself conforming to the wishes of others? 

Does the idea of speaking to your boss make you nervous?


Does the thought of expressing yourself fill you with dread?

Do you feel that your point of view isn’t as good as others?

Do you fail to speak up in meetings and then kick yourself later? 


How is your lack of confidence affecting your life?






You are not alone. Nearly every one of my clients, male or female, experiences these feelings in many different scenarios.  


Over 6 hours we work on all aspects of confidence and how you can start to assert your own voice. 


Start to imagine how you could feel if you felt more confident and could get your own point across confidently and assertively.