Helping your business

We could all do with some help from time to time and having a fresh pair of eyes or someone with previous experience can really add value in a short space of time.  We love getting involved with new businesses and understanding their issues and pinch points whether that be to do with productivity, customer service or culture. 

Culture Creation

People are the heart of any business, and creating a culture where they thrive is crucial to adding value to your business. As a senior leader Della was part of the team that won the Excellence in Culture creation award at the European Shared Services and Outsourcing awards. She looks at all aspect of the culture in an organsation and can help you create an excellent, people focussed culture that delivers results to the business. 

Customer Service

Delivering excellent customer service isn't just about KPI's, call answer rates and first time fixes. It's about people. Taking a service from good to great to world class requires your people to love what they do. They need proper training and proper motivational, human leadership. 

Flexible Working

Increasing flexibility helps the bottom line with improved recruitment reach, reduced sickness rates and increased productivity. More and more the workforce demands more flexible options, we can help you know what options you have and how to implement them.