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Leading from a distance 

I am so excited to tell you that I have been creating and filming over the summer; and am finally ready to share my brand new coaching and training program - 'Leading from a distance'


When lockdown happened in March we all closed up our offices, changed our commutes and logged on to hundreds of online meetings. Adrenalin was flowing and we just did what was needed.


Now this pattern of remote working or at least a hybrid of it, with some people in the office and others at home, is likely to continue for many more months. 


I've devised a 6 week intensive coaching program for leaders (of any level) that covers all aspects of leading your teams remotely. 

Planning your new future 

With many of us having to look for new opportunities right now it is important that we make the right choices (as much as we can). My program takes a new approach to getting your next role. 

It’s not just about polishing up your existing CV and firing it off to everyone. Now is the time to reassess what it is you REALLY want from your next role. 


We look at your skills, your passions, your values and create a plan of action so the the next role you get is one you really WANT. 

Confidence and Assertiveness 

Many of my coaching clients and many of the leaders I have ever worked with struggle with confidence and asserting themselves in the workplace. I have struggled myself. 

Whether we find ourselves conforming to our line manager’s behaviours, or accepting more work than we can truly handle, it can be debilitating when we feel like we can’t speak up.  


This program helps anyone suffering with a lack of confidence and who wants to be able to assert themselves without being bolshie or aggressive! 

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