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Helping you to live the life you want

I help people to create the life, career and balance that they want in their life. 


Do you need help with confidence? 

Returning to work?

Overcoming ill-health? 

Perhaps you have a difficult situation at work and want to improve it or move on?

I was made redundant twice, once when I was pregnant, so I know how shocking, disorientating and upsetting it can feel. 

I have suffered from burnout, chronic migraines and stress and have worked hard to get my health and fitness back on track. 

I’m now a career coach, leadership coach and advocate for flexible working, well being at work and human leadership. 

I can help you to:

- regain your health

- return to work 

- get a job that really aligns to your values

- improve your confidence

- get the life you really want 

For You
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You are a busy person. You want to focus on getting your next role. You want to target the right companies, with the right culture and get the best match for you. Listen to my podcast for tips, advice and hear my guests share their own pivotal moments in their own career journey's.

I have created a number of webinars that are all FREE for you to access. Whether you have been made redundant or want to progress your career, you can dive in to the content as and when you want. You can find all the content on my online training site.

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Coaching can give you time and space in your busy life. When you book a coaching session you are giving yourself time to think, time to plan, time to reflect. As a coach, I believe that everyone has the resources and creativity to resolve issues themselves. I help people to think about their challenges in a creative way, using a variety of tools to help people to see things from different angles. 

My workbook style career coaching book is available now.

It allows you to work through the coaching exercises at your own pace, and is a resource you can come back to time and again. It will help you to explore why you want to move or develop, help you to identify what your key skills are, as well as identify your ideal job checklist to help with targeting the right new role.

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