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Coaching, Training, Consultancy

I’m Della Judd, a career coach, leadership coach and advocate for flexible working and human leadership. I offer executive outplacement coaching, group coaching programs for senior teams and deliver talks on all things leadership.


I help businesses to get the best from their people

Every organisation has a culture,

every department, every team. 

The question is, is it the culture you want it to be?

I believe in positive, human leadership 

- where leaders treat people as individuals.

Do your leaders know how?

My group coaching programs are suitable for senior leadership teams or up and coming managers. 

Using a combination of group training, coaching and personal 121 coaching my programs develop the team and the individual. 

Learning is embedded and businesses see improvements in retention, engagement, morale, productivity and motivation. 

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I firmly believe that engaging people on a human level is the key to getting the best from them, and ultimately for our business. When people are trusted, engaged, happy, they become loyal, productive and motivated employees. 

I run a variety of workshops and fully tailored programmes to suit whatever you or your business is struggling with at the moment. 

For Your Organisation

I coach senior leadership teams to work together to resolve their challenges, develop consistency and create a collective approach. 

Group coaching allows for group discussion and collective decision making in a safe, facilitated environment. 

The experience can lead to fully formed and better-bonded teams and suits either well established teams who want to change their approach or newly formed, newly promoted groups. 

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Managing Change - Organisations.png

If we are constantly waiting for a period of calm to allow ourselves time to reflect or get things done, we could be waiting a very long time!


Change can feel disruptive, and disorientating.


When we equip our teams to cope with the constant rolling change that we all experience, then they will feel and be more resilient. 

Businesses spend a lot of time recruiting, marketing, inducting and onboarding. They spend a lot of time and effort on their brand, the welcome, the technology, to get it right at the start. 

But what about at the end? How you treat people as they leave can be just a crucial for reputation and brand and future recruitment - take a look at any low scoring company on Glassdoor! 

Helping people to leave well - especially at senior levels can really pay dividends with better handovers, smoother transitions to new structures and people walking away with their pride and dignity.

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Whether you need support as you go on Maternity, Shared Parental or Adoption leave or whether you need help with your confidence as you return to work, coaching can be helpful. 

I can help with: 

- Confidence

- Conversations with managers

- Time management and planning your new routine

- How to keep progressing and keep visible 

- Planning your heandover successfully

Hybrid working is the new way of working, and it is here to stay. 

There is no one-sized fits all approach, with every organisation, department and team needing to navigate the best way of working for them. 

How you engage with your team, how you run your meetings and how you manage yourself are all crucial for the period ahead. 

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