Leadership Programmes

Leading from a distance 

My leading from a distance programme is part training, part coaching. 

The new way of working for most people will end up being a hybrid of office and home working. Many companies are embracing this forced change to flexible and remote working and many are not fully re-opening their offices to full time office workers. 

With that in mind leaders need to be fully equipped to manage their people whether they are in the office or at home and whether their team are equally as remote. 

Topics covered include communication, managing yourself, managing productivity from afar and managing difficult messages. 

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Planning your new future 

With many of us having to look for new opportunities right now it is important that we make the right choices (as much as we can). My program takes a new approach to getting your next role. 

It’s not just about polishing up your existing CV and firing it off to everyone. Now is the time to reassess what it is you REALLY want from your next role. 


We look at your skills, your passions, your values and create a plan of action so the the next role you get is one you really WANT. 

Confidence and Assertiveness 

Many of my coaching clients and many of the leaders I have ever worked with struggle with confidence and asserting themselves in the workplace. I have struggled myself. 

Whether we find ourselves conforming to our line manager’s behaviours, or accepting more work than we can truly handle, it can be debilitating when we feel like we can’t speak up.  


This program helps anyone suffering with a lack of confidence and who wants to be able to assert themselves without being bolshie or aggressive! See my article on Imposter Syndrome for more insights. 

Building Resilience 

I know from bitter experience that if you don't look after yourself in the short term, your health can deteriorate in the long term. After years of struggling through chronic migraines I decided that I would put myself first and prioritise my own health. It became a mantra of mine when faced with any choice I was faced with 'health first'. 

Once I started to fix myself, other aspects of my life and my career started to blossom as well. Building resilience is important in teams and for leaders to take an active role in helping their own team to look after themselves as well as to prioritise their own health and act as role models. 

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Managing Change

The first response from many when faced with a change programme, restructure, new IT system or process change is: 'Well that won't work!'

As a leader what do you do if faced with this sort of response to your shiny new project? 

This session talks about how it is inbuilt in us to see the negative side of things and how leaders can ensure that their communication strategy can make all the difference when trying to land a message. 

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