Leading from a distance 

When lockdown happened in March we all closed up our offices, changed our commutes and logged on to hundreds of online meetings. Adrenalin was flowing and we just did what was needed. Now this pattern of remote working or at least a hybrid of it, with some people in the office and others at home, is likely to continue for many more months. 

Do you want to improve your skills as a leader? 

Perhaps your organisation is not investing in the sort of leadership training that suits you, or perhaps they are not investing in any training at all right now? 

Do you want to reset your own style? Have you got into a rut? Going through the motions? 

Are you finding it hard to motivate yourself let alone your team? 

Do you dread doing the difficult conversations and meetings over the phone?


Now is the time to invest in yourself

Be a better leader, be a more human leader

Be the leader you wish you’d had!