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I have been a formal and informal mentor for over 25 years in all of my roles. I use my mentoring stories to help to illustrate different experiences that I have gone through in order to help shed light on my mentee's own challenges. 

Mentoring expertise:


Leadership and Culture Change- taking your team from underperforming to world class is not easy. It takes a long time and it can get disheartening when as a leader you are expected to be enthusiastic and upbeat at the same time. I have experience in running large programs myself, and am also coaching clients going through similar programs right now. You are not alone! 

Service Desk Management - as a Director of Enterprise Customer Service Desks at leading professional firms I have developed numerous methods to get performance from under performing to world class standard. Areas include Target Operating Models, Transformation programmes, Restructures, Talent development, Productivity, Continuous Service Improvement, Cultural Change and how to embed it, how to influence your customer, the importance of communication. Working within HR and IT departments to deliver reduced costs, higher quality services including self service portals and webchat. 


Well being / Stress - I suffered from migraines for decades and have numerous methods to keep them in check, so that I can manage work and life successfully. I had many weeks off work and struggled through thinking that was what was needed, years later I realised that was the worst thing to do. 

Parenting and Work-life Balance - having children was the most magical of times but also incredibly stressful and returning to work at a time when 'fairness' and 'equality' weren't really buzz words made it harder. I know the stress of receiving a call at work from school and the emotional turmoil of having a child unwell at home at the same time as having a pressing deadline. Then there are the transitions - the move from nursery to school, the secondary school jump and the university move.

There are ways through it and it does get better! 

Changing career / Redundancy and Setting up on your own - At first when I was made redundant I thought 'WTF!' but I soon came to see the change as an opportunity. If you are daunted and not sure where to go or how to start maybe a mentor who has been through the process can help?

Interview processes - when you have never done an interview before it can feel really daunting! I have done literally hundreds and can talk you through what to consider and how to get the interview flowing so you find the right candidate.