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Just ask others...

Never underestimate the power of asking other people for an opinion. This is what I have learnt this week as I embark on doing research for my up coming book - "Get the job you really want".

I was a bit nervous at first, would people want to talk to me? What if their feedback derails me? Or gives me some challenges? Do I want to hear it?

However having spoken to 2 people in the last 2 days I feel really buoyed up and much more confident about approaching others.

What did they tell me?

  • They gave me a view I hadn't thought of before - because it was their view point. Unique to them.

  • They reminded me of how I had helped them in the past and what had really resonated with them. Only they could know that.

  • They noticed some themes in what I was saying, and reflected it back to me - giving me a new perspective on my message.

I have gone away from the conversations with energy and insight and will now be booking some more conversations!

If I have helped you with your career in the past, perhaps as your old boss or coach and you'd like to share how I helped and what made a difference I would love to hear from you!! Just email me at


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