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Lancaster Alumni Post

Alumna Della Judd (Geography, 1993, Cartmel) is taking part in a global book launch - encouraging readers to buy a book and pass it on - in order to reach one billion women and send a 'ripple of hope' around the world.

Della's time at Lancaster taught her how to get along with people which was pivotal in the leadership jobs she undertook and in her current role as an executive coach and consultant.

She has now joined forces as part of a growing global movement called the Women of Contribution, to launch the second volume of a book entitled ‘The Pay it Forward Series: Notes to My Younger Self – Vol 3”.

The book shares moments from eighteen women, including Della, from the Women of Contribution movement as they write back to their younger selves sharing an experience that changed their lives, and passing on hope, wisdom, knowledge and inspiration as a reminder that even darkest moments can be seen as a guiding light.

Della says: “Sharing my story in the book has taken me way out of my comfort zone, but as I wrote I could really start to unlock the past and see where my inspiration to do what I do has come from. I thought I would be writing to my much younger self, but actually key to my life was the time I was at Lancaster. It was the people I met then, including my future husband, who would prove to be a key element of my life story, and where I made one of the biggest choices that would change my whole future.

During the process I could see that the reason I coach, train, mentor and influence the way we work, in my business has all come directly from those experiences in the past. Whilst those experiences, which we all have, feel difficult at the time, in fact they shape us to become who we are today.

My aim is to show that even the simplest thing like sharing your story can make a massive difference to others.”

The book is available on Kindle in February 2020 and the paperback version will be launching on 13th March 2020


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