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Time to plan

How much time do you allow yourself in a working week to think about how you want to behave as a leader?

I’m guessing not a lot – given how busy you are juggling the rest of your life!

For all leaders, and especially those newly promoted in to a role, it is absolutely essential to stop and give yourself time to think about how you want to be seen by others – your team, your peers and your bosses.

Too often, we turn up to work after a holiday or a weekend, open up the emails and plough straight in to DOING. We’ve missed the opportunity to make a leadership plan.

I am not just talking about task planning which most of us are expert at - but behaviour planning.

If you don’t think about what you’d like to change or even NOTICE what you might like to change then the chances are NOTHING will change.

Give yourself permission to block out some time to give yourself some space to create new boundaries and establish new ways of working. You’ll soon see the difference.


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