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Templates and Downloads

Transitions Guide

Take 10 minutes this weekend to look at what you were doing during the lockdowns, what you are doing now and what you would like to be doing to make yourself feel better and more in control.

Circle of Influence

We often focus on things we can't control. Use this template to help you focus on what is within your control and what is out of it. 

Meeting Planner

A handy download to help you think about how to get the best from your meetings. 

Comms Template

Make sure your communications hit the mark with this planner. Your comms / emails / presentations will be better for it! 

Dream Job Planner

Often we look at the roles and the salary before we think about what we really want to do! 

Using this mind map, you will start to work out what you want to be doing in an ideal world. 

Free Webinars

Need more help? Then you can view my online training site and download other free webinars and materials. 


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