High Praise

"Della helped me through a turbulent time within the company I work for, allowing me to focus on strategies which would aid my career goals." 

"Della is a very good listener.  You can tell she’s listening because without having written anything down, she can quote back what you’ve said using your own words even after some time has elapsed."

''She is hugely knowledgeable and
balances this with real intuition and pragmatism. In each session there was a real momentum and we covered so much ground.''

"Della had the perfect balance between support and challenge. I always felt I could discuss anything and you would be supportive but would also ask the tough questions that really made me think."

"Della has a really welcoming, calm and approachable style that allowed me to feel entirely comfortable discussing my style and approach. She was helpful and constructive in terms of her feedback - no punches were pulled but Della’s style meant that all feedback was delivered in a way that was easy to accept! Her coaching was also effective - it really helped me focus on my leadership style, how I brought this to life and ultimately help me through the promotion process."
"It's been amazing working with you. Life changing in fact."
"She brought just the right level of challenge and I felt comfortable discussing development areas with her and how I might address them."
''I have successfully utilised Della’s tips on how to support my mental health and
ensure I am taking time for myself. My work diary now has allotted time for lunch, and
when I finish to ensure I log off on time and have some ‘down time’.''
''Every session was focused on what I needed but Della reframed my ‘problems'; so well I could look at them more objectively. She really takes the time and energy to tune in – I felt like she understood me really well very quickly.''