My 5 Star dream

I didn’t know it but seeing 5 Star perform at a recent festival got me more emotional than I ever thought!!

Looking back to when I was 15 years old - I felt like I was the only one who wasn’t allowed to go and see 5 star perform when they visited my home town.

I felt left out and jealous and angry that that I couldn’t go. That I wasn’t trusted to be there when all my friends were.

Thats why when, decades later, they were on at a festival, I ran down to the front and screamed - just a little bit. I’ll even admit to shedding a few tears. It meant more to me than just hearing the songs. I felt free - free to go and do what I wanted and when I wanted.

Never stop looking at what you really want to do in life - and when those moments come up. When you can step out there and just be who you want to be. Just do it. It’s what life is all about.