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Positive vibes

Yesterday I opened the paper and before 7.30 I had read about numerous murders, attempted murders, corruption, Brexit, food I can’t eat, Brexit, food I should eat, death, war, Brexit and a bit about the weather.

Then I turned to LinkedIn and there I saw posts about new businesses, contracts won, people saying thank you, #kudos, new opportunities, people trying to change working conditions for the better, #flexappeal, pictures of people meeting new people.

Then I went to the @Northampton Chamber of Commerce networking lunch and there I saw like-minded business people helping each other, sharing ideas, introducing people, listening, mentoring, guiding each other, making connections, laughing and creating new businesses.

Then I went home and there I saw my husband and two kids, we cooked dinner, we went for a walk and we watched some rubbish telly.

Too often, we can be guided in our thinking by the daily onslaught of news headlines. Yes, we need to be aware of politics and even try to change it, yes we need to know stuff. But, we can stop and look around us and see what is right in front of us, see the real people, having real conversations, and see that people are good, people are trying to help each other and we should be grateful for that.


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